#1 GD "Austria" and GD " Habsburg" von March 26.05.2013 15:59

Hello !
I am sorry for posting in English but I do not know German language.

I am writing you from Romania and I am interested in history of DDSG. And I would like to receive clarification . All Romanian sources mentioned that GD "Austria" was sold( dismantled hull and machinery only ) in 1921 to private Romanian navigation company SRD which named her " Anghel Saligny "
But on this site I read , to my surprise, that GD " Habsburg is the one sold to SRD and not " Austria" !!
Also this authors mentioned the same : S.D. Tchilinghirian, W.S.E Stephen in their book " Austrian Post Office Abroad, Part Three, DDSG and other Austrian Navigation Companies ", Aberlour, 1963

Could someone clarify it for me basis DDSG or other reliable sources which one was sold to SRD, " Austria" or "Habsburg" ?!?
Please kindly reply it here as well as on this email : marinel.chiriac@yahoo.com

Thank you very much for your consideration with this matter

Kind rgds


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